The most compact and efficient

Slim50 belongs to a new generation of horizontal heat recovery systems: slimmer in size and even more efficient. It can achieve an energy efficiency in the shower of up to 50%, which means up to 44% energy savings compared to the usual heater.

Perfectly adaptable to a wide variety of projects, and with a great potential for renovations, as its height is only 5 cm.

Why should I choose Slim50?

Drainage system designed to be non-clogging
Visible by camera inspection from drainage opening
Quick and safe implementation
Recessed system

Slim50: How it works?

In addition, Slim50 is easy to install, requires no maintenance and is completely invisible.

Its operation is simple: it transfers the heat from the wasted shower water (400) to the cold water inlet (100).

This pre-heated water, at 220, is then directed to the shower tap, the water heater or, ideally, both.

Layout possibilities for your Slim50

A. The preheated water is transferred to the tap and the boiler. The most efficient configuration

B. The preheated water is transferred to the tap only

C. The preheated water is transferred to the boiler only

Slim50 versions depending on the type of cold water pipe and wastewater connection

Built to last from high-quality materials, choose the perfect finish for your project

The versatility of this model can cope with almost any type of cases: find the Slim50 configuration that best suits your project and needs, simply by changing the connection to the cold water mains (threaded or fluxo) and the connection to the water drain (push fit or cement).

Threaded +

Push Fit

Fluxo +

Solvent Cement

All these alternatives are suitable for a wide range of drains:

Shower Valve
Bathtub Drain
Linear Drain
Square Drain

Performance and Efficiency

Heat transfers from the shower’s hot waste water to the incoming cold mains supply. This heated water can be directed either to the shower tap, the water heater or both.

Here are the technical features and the performance and efficiency of the Slim50

Download Technical Documents and Certificates

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