Optimize your bathroom energy consumption and save on your energy bill

Sustainable and with low environmental impact, this solution will allow you to optimize the energy performance of your shower.


Recognized as a Renewable Energy (RE) solution, this highly innovative system allows to recover the waste heat of the water used through the shower drain, preheating the cold water from the mains, sending it to the thermostatic faucet, thus reducing the energy demand for the generation of hot water needed for shower use.

It is a versatile system suitable for any type of shower (prefabricated, traditional shower, bathtub)

The saving are equivalent to the saving generated by solar panels (8m2)

Passive system: no power, no wire needed


What is a shower heat recovery unit?

The Waste heat is the thermal energy that is neither recovered nor valorized.

The shower heat recovery system recovers waste heat (also called the “fatal heat”) from the water used and drained down the shower drain.

The recovered waste heat is used to pre-heat the cold water during the shower.

It is an innovative system recognized by the European Union as a Renewable Energy (RE) solution.

Why should I choose Zypho®?

Heat recovery is ranked as one of the best opportunities for energy savings
Reduce CO₂ emissions *FDES & EPD available soon
Optimize the purchase of energy from sources outside your home

How does a heat recovery unit work?

Don't waste any more energy searching

Zypho® has a model for every space

Zypho's models cover 100% of the cases and singularities that can occur in new construction or renovation projects.

Choose the one that best suits your case.

Horizontal Heat Recovery

Zypho® iZi30

IZI30 is a horizontal shower heat recovery unit and is suitable for almost all the projects, and especially multi-occupancy, single-dwelling, and hotel projects, if there any space between the floor and the shower tray.

This solution has an energy efficiency up to 31% which means an energy saving of 25% over the water heater.

Vertical Heat Recovery

Zypho® Pipe

The vertical models are unique, being the only ones on the market made of stainless material and the best PVC quality.

It is a perfect solution for single-dwelling houses where you can install it in the basement or for vertical houses to be installed in the technical shaft in the floor below where the shower is.

Being a larger device, it can achieve higher efficiency up to 64%, it means it reduces the water energy bill by up to 50%.

Zypho® Systems are certified and patented

CSTB, KIWA and Passive House certified


Conforms to EN1717 standard

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